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Dogs really can smell your fear, and then they get scared too
There is an urban myth that dogs can smell human emotions, now it seems to be true dogs can sense a persons emotional state just by sniffing a sample of their sweat

Humans May Be Influencing Bird Evolution in Their Backyards
Great tits in the UK have developed longer beaks, possibly to gain access to bird feeders-- Read more on ScientificAmericancom

Steep decline of wasps and other flying nasties is a bad sign
Aphids, midges and wasps are being added to the list of rapidly vanishing insects Its another alarming sign of a sixth mass extinction, says

Stonehenge builders 'ate food from Scotland'
Animals were transported from as far away as the north east of Scotland to the Neolithic site in Wiltshire

The mass extinction that might never have happened
An ecological catastrophe 201 million years ago supposedly paved the way for the rise of giant dinosaurs, but it may not have happened that way after all

A brief history of the Earth's CO2
Prof Joanna Haigh from Imperial College London explains why this gas has played a crucial role in shaping the Earth's climate

Speaking up against sexual abuse is hard ? #MeToo changes that
Psychology makes us swift to blame

Engulfed in Opioid Deaths, Ohio Turns to Science
State attempts to accelerate high-tech solutions after treatment and law enforcement fail to stem overdose fatalities-- Read more on ScientificAmericancom

The place spacecraft go to die
Why one of the Earth's most remote places is the preferred place to dump space junk

IBM?s 56-qubit curveball may hit Google quantum computing plans
A mathematical leap has let IBM simulate a 56-qubit quantum computer on a traditional machine, the biggest yet on a classical computer

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