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Naica's crystal caves hold long-dormant life
Long-dormant microbes are found inside giant crystals of the Naica mountain caves - and revived

'Complexity' of exports is a good predictor of income inequality
A new paper argues that everything else being equal, the complexity of a country's exports also correlates with its degree of economic equality The more complex a country's products, the greater equality it enjoys relative to similar-sized countries with similar-sized economies

Big improvement to brain-computer interface
Researchers have developed an improved type of electrode that is more durable, lasts longer in the body and transmits a clearer, more robust signal than electrodes made from current state-of-the-art materials This could allow for improved restoration of mobility after spinal cord accidents, as well as improved powered prosthetic limbs

Biocompatible 3-D tracking system has potential to improve robot-assisted surgery
The cutting-edge biocompatible near-infrared 3-D tracking system used to guide the suturing in the first smart tissue autonomous robot (STAR) surgery has the potential to improve manual and robot-assisted surgery and interventions through unobstructed 3-D visibility and enhanced accuracy, according to a new study

Climate-driven permafrost thaw
In bitter cold regions like northwestern Canada, permafrost has preserved relict ground-ice and vast glacial sedimentary stores in a quasi-stable state These landscapes therefore retain a high potential for climate-driven transformation, say researchers

Congo River fish evolution shaped by intense rapids
New research provides compelling evidence that a group of strange-looking fish living near the mouth of the Congo River are evolving due to the intense hydraulics of the river's rapids and deep canyons The study reveals that fishes in this part of the river live in 'neighborhoods' that are separated from one another by the waters' turbulent flow

From mice, clues to microbiome's influence on metabolic disease
The community of microorganisms that resides in the gut, known as the microbiome, has been shown to work in tandem with the genes of a host organism to regulate insulin secretion, a key variable in the onset of the metabolic disease diabetes, new research has found

India's big cats and wild dogs get along really well
Three carnivores tigers, leopards, and dholes (Asian wild dog) seemingly in direct competition with one other, are living side by side with surprisingly little conflict, new study in India shows

Looking for the next leap in rechargeable batteries
Researchers may have just found a solution for one of the biggest stumbling blocks to the next wave of rechargeable batteries -- small enough for cellphones and powerful enough for cars

Researchers use big-brother tech to spy on bumblebees
RFID chips like the ones used to protect merchandise from shoplifting reveal surprising clues about life in a bumblebee colony, say investigators

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