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Europe selects grand gravity mission
After decades in the planning, a space mission to detect gravitational waves finally gets the go-ahead

Smoking is finally dying out among young people in the UK and US
Now only 155 per cent of people in the UK are smokers The largest declines have been seen in the first generation to grow up among anti-smoking laws

China?s genomics giant to make stock-market debut
Once the world's biggest DNA sequencer for research, BGI is now looking to medical applications to boost profits

The fight to save thousands of lives with sea-floor sensors
Geophysicists are ramping up their efforts to monitor major undersea faults for movement, and search for signs of the next catastrophic quake

China cracks down on fake peer reviews
Funding agencies announce harsh penalties and stronger policing efforts

Teeth tell tale of hippo?s quick spread across Africa
Fossils from ancient hippo ancestor suggest that grass helped the animals to conquer a continent

Race to the bottom
The obscure and difficult to reach tracts of the seabed being claimed in the hope they contain mineral riches

Walk really fast to stop a wobbly suitcase ruining your holiday
When a suitcase in motion becomes unstable, it can rock back and forth from wheel to wheel Researchers have determined why that happens and how to stop it

Sweden commits to becoming carbon neutral by 2045 with new law
A climate plan backed by an overwhelming majority in parliament makes Sweden the first country to significantly upgrade its target since the Paris agreement

DNA variants that are bad for health may also make you stupid
A study of Scottish families hints that DNA mutations that damage health also impair intelligence CRISPR gene-editing may be a way to boost brain and body

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