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Family tree of dogs reveals secret history of canines
The largest family tree of dog ever assembled shows how dogs evolved into more than 150 modern breeds

How Gut Bacteria Tell Their Hosts What to Eat
 By suppressing or increasing cravings, microbes help the brain decide what foods the body &ldquoneeds&rdquo -- Read more on ScientificAmericancom

Dog family tree reveals hidden history of canine diversity
Genetic map showing how dog breeds are related provides a wealth of information about their origins

Surprise El Ni
How Peruvian coastal deserts respond to rains will aid future disaster response

Homo naledi is only 250,000 years old ? here?s why that matters
The latest species of extinct hominin to be discovered that promised to rewrite our history may have died out as modern humans came about

Mars Trojans may be part of a planet that was destroyed long ago
Nine asteroids that trail the Red Planet contain a material usually only formed in the mantle of rocky planets

March for Science, climate engineering and China's space station
The week in science 2127 April 2017

March for Science: Why did you march?
MARCH FOR SCIENCE Thousands of people marched in support of science - but what does that mean Why asked some of the people who marched in Sydney

Climate change is making algal blooms worse
Rising ocean temperatures drive more intense and longer lasting toxic outbreaks

Cassini takes its first historic dive between Saturn and its rings
HISTORIC MISSION NASA's Cassini spacecraft begins the first of 22 historic dives between Saturn and its rings to collect valuable data about the environment, before it ends its mission by plunging into the planet in September

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